AUGI’s HotNews Newsletter


A Romanian news website that first started in 1999 as a press review, Hotnews has since expanded into investigative journalism and English-language news. Founded by journalists, Hotnews now has a worldwide audience and publishes news in more than 30 languages. Subscribers can choose the frequency and content of their newsletter, and can manage their preferences in MY AUGI. To sign up for the Hotnews newsletter, visit the Hotnews website.

AUGI’s HotNews newsletter is a great resource for SAP professionals, as it lets them subscribe to specific topics and get updates on industry news. They can also subscribe to an RSS feed, so they can receive alerts on product updates, as well as important notes related to a specific module. For more information on SAP product updates, check out the reference section of HotNews. HotNews is a free service, and users can tailor the newsletter to their specific needs and requirements.

The term “hot news” was first defined by the United States Supreme Court in 1918, when copyright laws did not exist and the fastest way to share news was through the wire. Newspapers affiliated with the Associated Press and the International News Service competed for distribution of news items by sending out wires throughout the country. During that time, independent journalists wrote articles and stories about news events and submitted them to newspapers affiliated with the Associated Press. While this process is not nearly as fast or convenient as it is today, the doctrine has remained strong and continues to be the foundation of the newspaper industry.

As a result, the Second Circuit’s ruling outlined a very limited interpretation of the hot news doctrine and made it clear that it does not apply to every case. In fact, courts in India have never applied the doctrine to hot news in a consistent manner. But the Feist case shows that courts will continue to interpret the statutes as they apply to “hot news” content. The ruling also outlines that “hot news” is an appropriate remedy when used appropriately.

Another alternative for Romanian news is HotNews. HotNews is Romania’s oldest and most popular news site, with over a million page views each month. Romanians have become very accustomed to using the HotNews website for their daily news needs. The site is updated daily with the latest news, as well as videos, interviews, opinion pieces, and video documentaries. As an added benefit, HotNews has translated into English, which means you can read headlines in both languages.