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The term “hot news” has been in use since 1918, when the United States Supreme Court first recognized the concept. At the time, the Copyright Act had not been passed, so the most immediate means of communication were wires. The Associated Press and the International News Service competed for a share of this market, and both employed journalists to cover news events and generate news articles, which were then distributed to affiliated newspapers in the U.S.

To stay abreast of SAP industry news, subscribe to HotNews today. It’s free and customizable to meet your specific needs. You can also subscribe to SAP TopNotes to get timely notes on specific modules. These notes are particularly useful for considering new features. If you’re an IT professional, HotNews is an invaluable resource. You can customize your subscription to receive the latest news about SAP products and developments. You can even customize your subscription to receive an e-mail whenever a new version of an SAP application is released.

Although the Second Circuit did not recognize the concept of hot news as a legal remedy, the Supreme Court has now recognized it as a viable remedy for some content-based violations. In a landmark decision in NBA v. Motorola, the Supreme Court recognized that the term hot news cannot be construed as equivalent to exclusive copyright rights. While the ruling in Feist is unlikely to be repeated in any other case, it is worth noting that this concept of hot news does not apply to all cases.

While SAP HotNews is not a comprehensive tool for IT staff, it is a helpful tool to keep abreast of important updates. For example, you can filter HotNews by your favorite systems, and also mark news items as relevant or irrelevant. However, HotNews users must abide by the SAP rules when sharing the news on their sites. If you do not, your HotNews subscription may be compromised. You should also consult SAP’s Support Launchpad to ensure that you get the most recent news about SAP technology.