How to Use HotNews to Stay Informed About SAP Products and Services


Until the introduction of the Copyright Act, the first time the United States Supreme Court invoked the HotNews doctrine was in 1918. Back then, news was quickly delivered to newspapers across the country through wire services. The Associated Press and International News Service were the biggest competitors, and journalists were responsible for producing and delivering news articles to their affiliated newspapers. By enacting the Copyright Act, these news outlets were protecting the rights of their members by making it illegal for others to publish news they produced.

To keep abreast of news and updates about SAP products, HotNews can be a valuable resource. With handy filters and the ability to subscribe via email, the newsletter is a great way to stay in the loop. Additionally, HotNews contains important notes that describe new SAP features and updates. For example, a developer might want to subscribe to news about the latest enhancements to the SAP R/3 platform or to the new feature ‘Agile’, while a business analyst might want to subscribe to all SAP-related news.

To edit a HotNews, go to the New tab. Click the Create Change Request button. A change request will be created in the background. You can then edit and enhance the change request in a new session. You can also see which HotNews generated the change request. You can also move it to a subtab to keep it organized. When you have completed editing, you can then publish the HotNews. If you are not happy with the HotNews, you can always postpone the processing.

SAP’s free web-based news service, HotNews, is an excellent resource for IT professionals. HotNews offers customized news feeds that are relevant to specific modules and products. It also includes important Notes, which detail new SAP features and reference instructions. These notes can be especially helpful if you’re looking to keep abreast of industry changes. Furthermore, HotNews is free and available to registered SAP users. So, sign up for a free account to stay informed on the latest news about SAP products and services.

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