HotNews – Romanian News For SAP Professionals


One of the oldest and most popular news websites in Romania, HotNews covers a variety of topics. Whether it’s finance, politics, or current affairs, HotNews publishes news, videos, and interviews that will give you the latest insights into a range of subjects. It is also available on mobile devices, so you can read the latest stories on the go.

You can subscribe to HotNews at your convenience through your My AUGI profile. Each month, you’ll receive a digest of relevant articles, events, and special offers. You can even customize your HotNews so that it includes only the topics that interest you. To subscribe, visit MY AUGI and click on “subscribe” to receive the newsletter on a regular basis.

While HotNews content is free to use, you should give proper credit to the original source. Some news sites have strict copyright policies, and violating them can land you in legal trouble. To avoid violating copyright laws, always give the source of a piece of content full credit. This will ensure that your HotNews content is protected by copyright laws.

HotNews is a great source of information for SAP professionals, but you’ll find that it’s difficult to filter out what is important to you. To make filtering easier, set a filter for your favorite system and you’ll see only the relevant HotNews. You can also move relevant HotNews to a specific subtab.

HotNews is a popular Romanian news site, covering a variety of topics. It publishes news, opinion pieces, video documentaries, and interviews. It also hosts weekly debates on important issues facing the country. The news feed is updated daily, which makes it easy to stay on top of news.